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Christians Verses Political Correctness December 31, 2010

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What is political correctness? Needless to say there are many definitions available but one of the most popular is as follows: Political Correctness is suppressing the expression of certain attitudes and terms in the belief that they are simply too controversial or offensive. One thing is for certain: the term “political correctness” has nothing to do with being correct politically. More correctly it should be said that it is a belief that everything about Western Civilization, attitudes, culture, faith, are controversial or offensive and society should be suppressed from expressing them.

Curious that this is happening isn’t it? Could this be a random chain of events that over time have started to chip away at our fundamental principles? Is it possible that the American people have simply begun to move away from their culture and faith? Both theories are worth considering. On the other hand, could there be something more sinister at work here? Could there be a group or movement within our midst that would want to destroy America’s culture, dismantle our traditional family units and eliminate the Judeo-Christian faith? Could this entity possibly have an agenda to eliminate the influence of Western Society completely?

Regardless of one’s viewpoint on the above theories concerning the evolution of political correctness, I feel that it is important to point out that a cadre of conspirators, who plotted to subvert the civilization of the West, did and still do exist.

The Institute for Social Research was founded in 1923 under the direction of Carl Grunberg, an avowed Marxist. This Institute, which operated in conjunction with the University of Frankfurt, was financed by yet another Marx admirer: Felix Weil, the son of a wealthy German Merchant. Modeled after the Marx-Engle Institute in Moscow, it would later come to be known as the Frankfurt School. Grunberg retired in 1929, and the following year Max Horkheimer became director. It was under the directorship of Horkheimer that Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory started to take flight. Horkheimer brought in additional scholars to assist with his concept development. He recruited Theodur Adorno, Eric Fromm, Herbert Marcuse, Lou Lowenthal and Jurgen Habermas et al.

However, in 1933 Hitler came into power, and the members of the Frankfurt School, almost all of whom were Jewish, were forced to flee Germany. A few months later, with the help of John Dewey, a professor at Columbia, and Edward R Murrow, the Assistant Secretary of the Emergency in Aide of Displaced German Scholars, the Frankfurt School was relocated to New York City. Subsequently, the members were able to obtain prestigious positions in Universities such as Columbia, Princeton, Brandeis and Berkley of California.

The Frankfurt scholars theorized that in order to accomplish their agenda, the Judeo-Christian legacy would need to be put to rest. Essentially, they believed that as long as an organized Judeo-Christian religion persisted, the masses could never be brought to the level of despair which would provoke a social revolution. Therefore, they felt that it was essential that they empty and destroy the Church.

In addition to destroying the Church, it was felt that they would need to encourage government dependency, vastly increase immigration to confuse identity, undermine parental authority, create racial offences, promote  homosexual behavior by teaching it in school and attempting to breakdown the contemporary family. All these objectives and more were directed at the utter destruction of Western culture and civilization.

Unknown to most Americans, during the years that America fought the Cold War, World War II, the Korean War, and the conflict in Vietnam, the tentacles of social “change” were creeping through the hallowed halls of American academia like a silent plague. The quiet revolution was on us before anyone knew it. This being carried out by the Frankfurt School who indoctrinated and directed the elite baby boomers of the contra-culture. Parents paid staggering tuitions to send their children to get an Ivy League education, but instead they were schooled on how to find themselves and to get in touch with their inner feelings and how to protest. They were told “if it feels good do it” and of course Marcuse’s famous “make love, not war.” They became foot soldiers for the far left and continue to march forward today. Those boomers, young elite flower children of the sixties, now are in the boardrooms of cooperations, serve in House, the Senate and the judiciary branch of our government. They are in control of almost every public institution in the United States of America. Having been presented with these facts it should be relatively simple for us to understand why we no longer have prayer in our schools and why the Ten Commandments were taken out of our federal buildings.

Many of our universities have become impotent due to the demands for political correctness. Professors fear discipline if they dare to breach these constraints. Shakespeare and other Dead White European Males are being replaced with living authors because their work is more relevant. As Phyllis Schlafy put it, “Left-wing academics (often called tenured radicals) eagerly spread the message, and students at Stanford in 1988 chanted ‘Hey hey, ho ho, Western Civ has got to go.’ The classicists were cowed into silence, and it’s now clear that the multiculturalists won the canon wars.”

At this point I think it should be evident that political correctness, also known as Cultural Marxism, is nothing more than an attack on free speech, which calls for diversity and tolerance over everything. That is everything except that which the liberal or progressive finds intolerable.

It is imperative that we as Christians stand up for our country or we stand to lose that very freedom which we hold so dear. The Church, the very fiber this great nation was built on, is being torn away one brick at a time. My question is this: are we going to allow ourselves to be destroyed from within or are we going to shed this oppressive robe of political correctness and make the voice of Judeo-Christians heard while we still can speak?

Let us not forget that during a meeting, called by Lenin to discuss Marxist Culture, the German propagandist Willi Munzenberg, proposed a solution. He was reported to have suggested the need to “organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western Civilization stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat (laborers).”

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